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UPDATE 2019-09-01: App Discontinued

Apple will release iOS 13 in a few days, with 1st party support for local storage functionality in the Files app. This makes the need for my solution obsolete.

Since I don't have time anyways I decided to abandon all work on this project and remove the app from sale on the App Store.

Support is also discontinued.

Feel free to compile it on your own or fork this project.


Swift Xcode License Platform

A place to store your files.

Product pages

For more information, please visit

Or view Local Storage on the App Store.

Contributing & Questions

All bugs should be reported here on GitHub.

If you have questions or ideas for new features, please send me your suggestions via email


I need some help for translating Local Storage into languages other than German and English.

The strings in some text files need to be edited. Should only take 30 minutes and there's no programming involved.

  • Local Storage/de/main/de.lproj/Localizable.strings
  • Local Storage/Main/de.lproj/Main.strings
  • Local Storage/Settings/de.lproj/Settings.strings
  • Extract/de.lproj/Localizable.strings
  • Hash/de/de.lproj/Localizable.strings
  • Hash/de.lproj/MainInterface.strings


  • Checkout the repo
  • cd ~/Development/swift-localstorage/LocalStorage/
  • pod install
  • Open Xcode using localstorage.xcworkspace
  • Adjust signing settings for each target
  • Build & run

Updating CocoaPods

  • cd ~/Development/swift-localstorage/LocalStorage/
  • Edit the Podfile (remove all fixed version numbers)
  • pod install
  • Open Xcode using localstorage.xcworkspace
  • Try to build & run, check for new warnings & errors, verify that everything is working
  • Edit the Podfile (add the fixed version numbers that are confirmed working now)
  • Commit


If you're interested in what an app like Local Storage (free, open source + voluntary donations via In-App purchases) nets the author per year take a look into the App Analytics 2018 folder. Spoiler: Not much.