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Packer Build - Drupal VM

DEPRECATION NOTICE: This project has been deprecated as of 2023. Thank you to all the box's users and contributors over the past decade!

Current Ubuntu Version Used: 18.04.5

Download from Vagrant Cloud: geerlingguy/drupal-vm.

This example build configuration installs and configures a default Drupal VM installation on Ubuntu using Ansible, and then generates a Vagrant box file for VirtualBox, and uploads it to Vagrant Cloud: geerlingguy/drupal-vm.

See related project packer-ubuntu-1804, and minimal base box geerlingguy/ubuntu1804.


The following software must be installed/present on your local machine before you can use Packer to build the Vagrant box file:


Make sure all the required software (listed above) is installed, then cd to the directory containing this file, and run:

$ git clone
$ packer build -var 'version=2.0.11' drupal-vm.json

After a few minutes, Packer should tell you the box was generated successfully, and the box was uploaded to Vagrant Cloud.

Note: This configuration includes a post-processor that pushes the built box to Vagrant Cloud (which requires a VAGRANT_CLOUD_TOKEN environment variable to be set); remove the vagrant-cloud post-processor from the Packer template to build the box locally and not push it to Vagrant Cloud. You don't need to specify a version variable either, if not using the vagrant-cloud post-processor.

Testing built boxes

There's an included Vagrantfile that allows quick testing of the built Vagrant boxes. From this same directory, run the following command after building the box:

$ vagrant up


MIT license.

Author Information

Created in 2018 by Jeff Geerling, author of Ansible for DevOps.