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Go starter bot for Vindinium, based on the Python starter.


Before using this starter, you need to install Go. It is outside of the scope of this documentation to get your environment, but there are plenty of resources available online if you need help.

Then just get this repository or create your own fork and get it:

go get github.com/geetarista/vindinium-starter-go

Getting Started

This starter gives you everything you need to start playing with Vindinium except for a bot. There are a couple example bots, but these are just stubs. Your goal is to build a bot or bots that you can use to compete on Vindinium. Either flesh out the FighterBot or create a new bot with your logic for competing. When adding a new bot, ensure it is properly linked in the Setup method in client.go.

Once you've added a bot, all you need to do is build run make to create a client executable. If you are adding tests for your bot, you can run them with make test.


To use the vindinium client, just call the executable and pass in the flags you need. The only required flag is -k, which is your API key:

./client -k abc123

The remaining flags are optional:

-m This is the game mode. Choices are arena and training. Default: arena

-b The name of your bot. This name is defined in client.go and must set up the associated bot. Default: fighter

-c The count of games (arena) or turns (training) to play. Default: 1

-r Use a random map in training mode. Setting to false can be useful to ensure consistency in training. Default: true

-s The server to play against. Default: http://vindinium.org

-d Debug mode—verbose output for debugging and testing. Default: false

API Documentation

You can view the documentation on Godoc to get a better feel for the package internals.


If you want to help improve this starter or report issues, please read the contributing guidelines first.