openFrameworks addon for generating layouts for the iOS/Android OSC-sending app Control
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ofxControlOSC is an OpenFrameworks addon which allows you to create interface layouts for the iOS/Android OSC-sending app Control.

Control is similar to TouchOSC but has several nice features, including additional widgets not found in TouchOSC and the ability to specify custom layouts using Json. Also it's free.

This addon allows you to design layouts and then generate the Json string. You can then upload it to the web and load it from the URL on the Control app, or automatically push it to your phone via OSC (note: there seems to be a bug that causes Control to crash if you try to push via OSC a layout with multiple pages -- so use the manual approach in this case).

See the example for usage details.

To-do / feature requests

  • Add support for accelerometer, gyro, any other missing widget.
  • Convert an ofxUICanvas to a ControlOSC interface, and communicate between them automatically via osc.
  • Generate positioning details of widgets automatically.