This library can parse JSON texts and generate them from ruby data structures. Install the extension variant (in C) with "gem install json" or install the pure Ruby variant with "gem install json_pure".
Ruby C


Dependencies for Building

- You need rake to build the extensions and install them.

  You can get it from rubyforge:

  or just type

  # gem install rake

  for the installation via rubygems.

- If you want to rebuild the parser.c file or draw nice graphviz images of the
  state machines, you need ragel from:


It's recommended to use the extension variant of JSON, because it's quite a bit
faster than the pure ruby variant. If you cannot build it on your system, you
can settle for the latter.

Just type into the command line as root:

# rake install

The above command will build the extensions and install them on your system.

# rake install_pure


# ruby install.rb

will just install the pure ruby implementation of JSON.

If you use Rubygems you can type

# gem install json

instead, to install the newest JSON version.

There is also a pure ruby json only variant of the gem, that can be installed

# gem install json_pure

Testing and Examples

To run the tests type:

$ rake test_ext

This will build the extensions first and then test them.

$ rake test_pure

This will test the pure ruby extensions.

There is also a small example in tools/server.rb if you want to see, how
receiving a JSON object from a webrick server in your browser with the
javasript prototype library ( works.


Florian Frank <>


Ruby License, see the RUBY file included in the source distribution. The Ruby
License includes the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2, so see the
file GPL as well.