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Quantum Collapse And Space-time Arise From Swarm Dynamics

ABSTRACT General relativity and quantum mechanics describe seemingly incompatible traits of our universe. Their unification into a theory-of-everything challenged physics for the last century. Here I present GenI (for generic intelligence), a model inspired by artificial intelligence that satisfies both fundamental theories. GenI comprises a random walk process operating on a swarm-like construct and implements the competition among a finite set of ideas. Without any parameter tuning, GenI precisely fulfils the predictions of quantum measurements while its dynamics locally satisfy Einstein’s field equation. The model suggests, that the perceivable universe is evolving according to the collapse of its quantum state rather than a smoothly evolving wave function as widely believed in modern physics. Consequently, gravitation cannot be directly derived from quantum mechanics or vice versa. Both simply describe distinct perspectives onto the previously unknown swarm-like stochastic process operating at the very basis of our universe.

The BZuS repository offers alle relevant sources, test data and test scripts to prove the claims made in this research article.