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Shmoose - XMPP Client for Sailfish OS

Shmoose builds on and includes code from the following projects:

  • XMPP library Swiften from Isode
  • Omemo library libomemo written by Richard Bayerle
  • Axc library written by Richard Bayerle
  • Lurch plugin written by Richard Bayerle
  • Image picker is from hangish written by Daniele Rogora
  • Image zoom and pitch page is from harbour-one written by 0312birdzhang

Feature Stack until version 1.0

  • Login to Jabber server [done]
  • Get roster [done]
  • Send and receive messages [done]
  • Notification on new messages [done]
  • XEP-0184: Message Delivery Receipts [done]
  • XEP-0199: XMPP Ping [done]
  • XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload [done]
  • XEP-0333: Chat Markers [done]
  • XEP-0313: Message Archive Management [partial]
  • XEP-0359: Unique and Stable Stanza IDs [WIP]
  • XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat [WIP]
  • XEP-0280: Message Carbons [WIP]
  • XEP-0198: Stream Management [done]
  • XEP-0384: OMEMO Encryption [WIP]

Documentation of the Software Architecture

Software Architecture description

Ready-to-use binaries can be found on OpenRepos

Shmoose on OpenRepos

Note! starting with Sailfish OS version you need to adjust the suspend settings of your device:

* pkcon refresh
* pkcon install mce-tools
* mcetool -searly

This disables late suspend of the device. Battery drain is only slightly more at my device with this setting. This setting is persistent over reboots and has to be done only once. Without this, the longterm TCP connection will drop after a short amount of time and you won't get notifications on new messages.

Jump direct into development on gitpod

Ready to use development environment, running in your browser

Build a x86 binary locally for development purposes

On Linux|GNU, do the following:

Create a working directory:

* mkdir src
* cd src

Fetch the Swift source:

* wget
* tar -xzvf swift-4.0.2.tar.gz
* cd swift-4.0.2/

Install all dependencies to build Swiften:

* ./BuildTools/
* ./scons Swiften -j<Number of threads>

Install dependencies to build Shmoose (example for Debian):

* sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev libssl-dev libxml2-dev libstdc++-5-dev libqt5quick5 libqt5quickparticles5 libqt5quickwidgets5 libqt5qml5 libqt5network5 libqt5gui5 libqt5core5a qt5-default libglib2.0-dev libpthread-stubs0-dev libmxml-dev libgcrypt20-dev libglib2.0-dev libsqlite3-dev

Fetch the Shmoose source code:

* cd ..
* git clone


* Open the project file (.pro) within Qt Creator

or use command-line:

* cd harbour-shmoose
* qmake
* make -j<Number of threads>

To cross compile for Sailfish OS, do the following:

  • Get and install Sailfish OS mersdk (tested with version 1608)
  • SSH into mersdk and do the following


Use 'sb2-config -l' to show available targets for sb2.

Install all dependencies to build Swiften and shmoose:

* sb2 -t SailfishOS- -m sdk-install -R zypper in openssl-devel libiphb-devel libxml2-devel libgpg-error-devel libgcrypt-devel sqlite-devel cmake python

Fetch the Swift source source:

* wget
* mkdir swift-4.0.2-arm
* cd swift-4.0.2-arm
* tar --strip-components=1 -xzvf ../swift-4.0.2.tar.gz

Patch the SConstruct file to do a PIC build of the library archive


* env.Append(CCFLAGS='-fPIC')

under the line 'env.SConscript = SConscript' on line 14

Build the Swiften Library:

* sb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl /bin/bash ./scons Swiften
* cd ..

Install mxml:

* curl -L -O
* tar -xvf mxml-3.2.tar.gz && cd mxml-3.2
* sb2 -t SailfishOS- ./configure
* sb2 -t SailfishOS- make
* cp libmxml.a /srv/mer/targets/SailfishOS-
* cp mxml.h /srv/mer/targets/SailfishOS-
* cd ..

Fetch the Shmoose source code:

* git clone
* cd harbour-shmoose

Install libomemo:

* git clone && cd libomemo
* git checkout tags/v0.7.0
* sb2 -t SailfishOS- make
* cd ..

Install axc and libsignal-protocol-c:

* git clone && cd axc
* git checkout tags/v0.3.3
* git submodule update --init
* sb2 -t SailfishOS- make
* cd  lib/libsignal-protocol-c/
* mkdir build && cd build
* sb2 -t SailfishOS- cmake ..
* sb2 -t SailfishOS- make
* cd ../../../..

Finally, build Shmoose:

* mb2 -t SailfishOS- build