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now create apps dir if it does not exist (before trying to link submo…

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1 parent 2ad1ec2 commit 5ea46877032c49f85c53f7d2f033998d1cc88a19 @trey0 trey0 committed Mar 10, 2011
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2 skel/management/
@@ -106,6 +106,8 @@ def gitInitSubmodules(opts):
dosys('git submodule update')
def linkSubmodules(opts):
+ if not os.path.exists('apps'):
+ os.mkdir('apps')
# assumes each submodule app has a models dir or a file
submoduleAppDirs = [os.path.dirname(d) for d in glob('submodules/*/*/models*')]
for src in submoduleAppDirs:

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