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+# Sencha Cmd (GeoExt as an ExtJS package)
+GeoExt is an ExtJS package and can be used in tandem with the Sencha Cmd tool to produce optimized one file builds of your app:
+After initializing your ExtJS workspace and generating your app, you may add
+GeoExt as a package by cloning it into `packages/GeoExt` of your workspace. The name is important here, as otherwise the `GeoExt` package will not be recognized in your development environment. Secondly, to make the GeoExt classes available to your app you will have to add 'GeoExt' as a requirement in your apps `app.json` configuration file.
+You may now `sencha app watch` your apps directory and start requiring GeoExt classes. Via `sencha app build` you can easily generate custom builds of your app that only comprises ExtJS and GeoExt classes that you actually use.
+A simple workflow to create a new workspace and app may look as following (the `sencha` command needs to be available in your class path):
+# generate workspace in directory "test"
+sencha --sdk ~/Downloads/ext-5.1.0 generate workspace test
+# switch to workspace dir
+cd test
+# generate app "TestApp" in directoy "appdir"
+sencha --sdk ~/Downloads/ext-5.1.0 generate app TestApp appdir
+# clone GeoExt package into folder "package/GeoExt" of your workspace
+git clone packages/GeoExt
+# edit app.json in appdir to require GeoExt package
+"requires": [
+ "GeoExt"
+# watch your app directory and start editing
+cd appdir
+sencha app watch
# Sencha Cmd
Assuming that you have Ext JS 4 SDK at the parent path ../ext- you can create a compressed full single file build with the following command line:

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