just get the geojson
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Get GeoJSON by choosing categories & subcategories on the command line. Choose a file and it's instantly downloaded.

Or supply a bit of a filename, like ocean or rail, and a fuzzy search magically guesses which file you want, and downloads it for you.


npm install -g geojson-xyz


After installing, just run geojson-xyz.


All praise to Natural Earth Data as the source of the majority of the data exposed in this interface. This is mostly a different way to access that data.

goes well with

To fuzzy-match in realtime, you can install fzf and then:

geojson-xyz --list | fzf | xargs wget

Or xargs whatever you want at the end of that. fzf will let you filter the list however you want and pipe your choice to the next step.


geojson-xyz airports -

Means "fuzzy-match airports and output results to stdout". You can substitute anything else for 'airports'. Outputting to stdout means you can pipe that GeoJSON places - for instance, if you have geojsonio-cli installed, pipe it to geojsonio!