Ansible playbooks to deploy a fullblown geOrchestra instance
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A simple ansible playbook to deploy a fullblown geOrchestra SDI instance.

Right now, this will deploy a working geOrchestra from the master branch with mostly default configs and empty databases/datadirs.


In order to deploy all the middleware and components of a geOrchestra instance, you just need to:

  • setup variables for your own instance in playbooks/georchestra.yml,
  • point to the IP of a host where you have ssh-with-passphrase root access in the hosts file (ideally, an lxc container, or a vm, whatever suits you)

... and run:

ansible-playbook playbooks/georchestra.yml

This is meant to work on a Debian Stretch (9.x) VM.


If you want to remove/cleanup the webapps, databases, LDAP DIT and datadirs, sub-tasks have been added and can be run using

ansible-playbook -t cleanup -e "cleanup=true" playbooks/georchestra.yml

Those sub-tasks aren't run by default, you need to specify the cleanup=true variable.

example setup with vagrant

Install the dependencies with:

sudo apt-get install vagrant virtualbox ansible

Optionally, to install the "guest additions", you may run:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest

Finally, create a virtual machine and provision it (according to the playbook), with:

vagrant up

When the machine is provisioned, you can vagrant ssh into it, look around, and once you're done, you may halt the machine (vagrant halt) or destroy it (vagrant destroy).

To browse your SDI, just drop a line in your /etc/hosts file, registering the IP of the VM with the FQDN you declared in the playbook, eg:

... and open in your browser.