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This is the main geOrchestra repository

Updated April 24, 2014

JavaScript 4 4


The official GeoNetwork fork for geOrchestra

Updated April 24, 2014

Java 0 5


forked from geosolutions-it/geofence

Advanced Authorization Manager for GeoServer

Updated April 24, 2014

JavaScript 1 8


Template configuration for geOrchestra

Updated April 23, 2014

JavaScript 2 0


sviewer is a very simple web map viewer working with the geOrchestra SDI

Updated April 22, 2014


forked from GeoWebCache/geowebcache

GeoWebCache is a tile caching server implemented in Java that provides various tile caching services like WMS-C, TMS, WMTS, Google Maps, MS Bing and more

Updated April 16, 2014

Java 1 1


A lightweight LDAP server implementation for testing purposes, along with sample LDIF files for geOrchestra

Updated April 08, 2014


Sample config files for Nagios, in order to monitor a geOrchestra instance

Updated March 28, 2014


It is highly recommended to use this minimal data dir rather than letting geoserver create his own

Updated March 24, 2014


forked from geoserver/geoserver

Fork of official GeoServer repository. geOrchestra uses this repository as a submodule and the branches have the necessary patches required for geOrchestra

Updated January 16, 2014


forked from geotools/geotools

Official GeoTools repository

Updated January 15, 2014

JavaScript 0 45


forked from geoext/geoext

Updated December 19, 2013


The official website source code

Updated December 18, 2013

JavaScript 1 3


Contributed addons for the geOrchestra viewer. These addons are maintained by their owners.

Updated December 17, 2013

JavaScript 1 623


forked from openlayers/openlayers

Updated November 25, 2013

JavaScript 1 3


The styler forked from OpenGeo SVN for geOrchestra

Updated November 21, 2013

JavaScript 1 0

New geOrchestra website ?

Updated July 27, 2013

JavaScript 0 0


This optional module allows one to delegate layer administration to groups of users. Tested with GeoServer 1.7.x only.

Updated October 25, 2012

Java 0 0


A tool to migrate PostGIS datastores to JNDI in a GeoServer data dir

Updated October 25, 2012

JavaScript 4 0


geOrchestra candidate projects are shared here. Thoses projects are not related to geOrchestra until officially accepted in trunk by the geOrchestra PSC

Updated October 25, 2012

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