geOrchestra configuration directory for generic wars & Debian packages (eg: /etc/georchestra)
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geOrchestra default datadir

Between 15.06 and 15.12 version of geOrchestra, several pull requests have been proposed and merged to allow the different web applications to be able to initialize themselves with an exported configuration. In other words, this work was meant to be able to configure once, and be able to use generic compiled webapps without the need of rebuilding on you own system.

In order to do so, a concept similar to the one used in geonetwork and/or geoserver has been introduced: the geOrchestra datadir.

In the meantime, with the help of the maven-debian plugin, it was possible to bundle these generic webapps along with their "datadir configuration" into debian and yum (redhat) packages, creating a /etc/georchestra/[webapp] subdirectory with the exported configuration for each module.

This repository contains the default configuration which comes along the packages, and can be used as a reference to build your own "geOrchestra datadir".


In order to use this datadir, simply clone this repository, customize the different configuration files, and launch your servlet container with an extra parameter, georchestra.datadir=/path/to/datadir. E.g., for tomcat, you can create a ${CATALINA_HOME}bin/ file, containing:

export CATALINA_OPTS="${CATALINA_OPTS} -Dgeorchestra.datadir="/path/to/datadir" ...`