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Validating site config of #TYPO3


This is a proof of concept validating the TYPO3 site configuration.




  1. Open PhpStorm and switch to File > Preferences > Languages & Frameworks > Schemas and DTDs > JSON Schema Mappings
  2. Add a new entry with the following options
    • Schema file or URL:
    • File path Pattern: **/sites/*/config.yaml
  3. Provide path to the directory containg the yaml files.

IMPORTANT: Currently I have troubles with validation having the schema remotely. I propose to clone the repository and define the path to the siteconfig.json file!

Visual Studio Code

  1. Install the plugin "redhat.vscode-yaml"
  2. Open the settings and search for "yaml schemas" and open the settings.json.
  3. Add the following config
"yaml.schemas": {
    "" : ["**/sites/*/config.yaml"],

A basic configuration.json looks like this

    "explorer.confirmDelete": false,
    "window.zoomLevel": 1,
    "": "open",
    "yaml.schemas": {
        "" : ["**/sites/*/config.yaml"],

Setup PhpStorm

All other IDEs

TBD, I guess google should help

Say thanks

If you find validation useful, please support me:

  • Patreon: Support me on and get access to additional extensions and snippets as reward.
  • PayPal: Support me by a donation on It is just one click away.
  • Amazon Wishlist: Satisfy a wish of my Amazon wishlist.

Next steps

  1. Finish site config


cd tests
npm install
npm test

Thanks to for inspiration