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@offtherailz offtherailz released this Aug 7, 2019 · 2 commits to 2019.02.xx since this release

Main Features

  • Filter Layer: Now you can filter layer directly from the TOC
  • Improved Annotations: now you can create different types of annotations (text, geometries, symbols). You can even convert a measure into an annotation
  • Timeline Map Sync: Now you can filter the timeline to show only times of the feature in the current map viewport.
  • Highlight results on map of the MapInfo tool: to highlight on map the resulting features of an Identify operation
  • Catalog tool: improved the UI and introduced advanced settings options with also a customizable template to show CSW metadata
  • Search by coordinates: a new option in Search Bar to zoom to one location manually inserting the coordinates
  • Export of a map: a new menu option to export map contexts in JSON format
  • Import tool: a reviewed UI and some improvements to also allow importing map contexts
  • Measure Tool: improved UI for the Measure tool with additional capabilities to convert the measure as a annotation
  • Layer Groups and layer/group tooltips in TOC: introduced an easily way to manage and create groups of layers and the possibility to configure tooltips for layer/groups of layers (title and description) in TOC

Manager/Framework Improvements

  • Feature Grid Date/Time quick filters now allow operators (< > = <>...)
  • Improvements to user/group manager UI
  • Authorization Rule Manager support for integrated version of GeoFence in GeoServer
  • Many fixes and performance improvements


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