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Demo Site


Develop with MapStore

Work with Epics


Support for vector layers editing

TOC Review

Extension system


Sand Boxes

These are examples with which you can play with by exploring the features of MapStore that are not visible in the main demo

  • Plugins Editor: With this example you can have fun creating your own viewer piece by piece. You can customize your map viewer by:

    • Selecting the theme to use
    • editing the less/css code to customize the theme
    • Selecting the map type (openlayers, leaflet, cesium)
    • Adding/removing plugins
    • Editing the configuration of each plugin to make them work together
  • Feature Grid: A sandbox to use feature grid. Have fun with the map of atlantis !!! You can select the layer you want to browse from the top/left selector and try the feature grid functionalities like:

    • Editing
    • Inline Search
    • Advanced Search
    • Sync with Map

Near the core

Examples of raw usage of React and Redux with MapStore2 framework components. These examples help developer how to use MapStore2 raw components in their applications.

  • Mouse Position: A small game where you have to find a place by checking the distance between the mouse pointer and the target. This explains how to use MapStore 2 as a framework and how to use basic map events in an highly customized environment.
  • ScaleBar: In this simple example you can see how to customize a scalebar in many different ways, using React.
  • 3d Viewer: A minimal 3D viewer that uses 3D version of the map. This explains some possible minimal interactions with the map and shows how to use the raw cesium map component.


Basic Principles (TBD)

MapStore2's Theme (TBD)


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