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Java client library for GeoServer
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Client library written in Java to interact with GeoServer through its ReST administration interface.

The purpose of this project is to hold a ReST client library to interact with GeoServer; a requirement for this library is to depend as less as possible on external libraries. This library aims at being lean and mean.

For general questions about this project feel free to use the mailing lists.

Using the library

Working with Maven

In order to include the lib and its dependencies in a Maven project, the repository to point at is this one:


and the dependency tag for your pom is as follows:


Direct Link to JAR

If you are simply looking for the JAR to download and use you can find it here.

GeoServer Compatibility Matrix

GeoServer-Manager/GeoServer 2.6.x 2.7.x 2.8.x 2.9.x
1.6.0 Y Y P P
1.7.0 N P Y Y


You can find some examples in the wiki.


geoserver-manager is released under a permissive MIT license. See wikipedia for more information.

Mailing Lists

For more information see this page.


Current stable version is 1.7.0 (Changelog).


The work on this library has been initiated by GeoSolutions. Over the years it has been funded by various organizations like UN FAO, German Space Agency (DLR) and others.

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