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Fixed app-schema filtering

MappingFeatureIteratorFactory.getInstance was changing the filter of the query that was passed in and as a result a given FeatureCollection would only work correctly once.  This change makes a copy of the passed in query before updating it.
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1 parent 03d0948 commit 61f9857bfc95996798410de03f874b48d7446bf6 @jesseeichar jesseeichar committed Aug 24, 2012
@@ -103,8 +103,9 @@ public boolean isListFilterExists() {
public static IMappingFeatureIterator getInstance(AppSchemaDataAccess store,
- FeatureTypeMapping mapping, Query query, Filter unrolledFilter) throws IOException {
+ FeatureTypeMapping mapping, Query rawQuery, Filter unrolledFilter) throws IOException {
+ Query query = new Query(rawQuery);
if (mapping instanceof XmlFeatureTypeMapping) {
return new XmlMappingFeatureIterator(store, mapping, query);

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