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Welcome to the GeoTools wiki used for collaboration by the development team.



Wiki Tips and Instructions

To edit wiki content sign up with GitHub and use the Edit and New Page buttons at the top of each screen. This will create a fork of the wiki, which is then used to submit a pull request.

For more information:

GitHub wikis are a normal git repository where GitHub draws each page of content. If you wish to clone the repository there is a Clone this wiki locally button in the right sidebar.

Change Control

Change control is managed using quick proposals which are reviewed, discussed and approved by the Project Management Committee. For more information check out our developers guide page: GeoTools change proposal

The following template can be cut and pasted when creating a new proposal:

* Contact: [whoami](
* Tracker: <>
* TLDR: one line description
* Branch: <>

# Description

_Take a couple paragraphs to describe the change, motivations and link out to any design documents. It is especially important to highlight any customer requirements or deadlines._

    // As a Java Library most proposals will include a code example

_We expect proposals to be used to bounce ideas off the community before you have secured budget for the work. This is your chance to ask for a sanity check, confirm the technical approach and see if you forgot anything (such as documentation or QA requirements). Please present this proposal requirement to your management or customer as a way to reduce risk._


* OGC documents
* design docs
* [geotools-devel email discussion](
* [GeoTools change proposal](

# Status

Choose one of:

* [x] Under Discussion
* [ ] In Progress
* [ ] Completed
* [ ] Rejected,
* [ ] Deferred


* Andrea Aime:
* Ian Turton:
* Jody Garnett:
* Nuno Oliveira:
* Simone Giannecchini:
* Torben Barsballe:

# Tasks

_This section is used to make sure your proposal is complete (did you remember documentation?) and has enough paid or volunteer time lined up to be a success. Use initials to indicate volunteer, or :warning: where volunteer is neededs. Proposals that lack resources to be successful are unlikely to be approved._

1. Update implementation
2. Verify with test case
3. Remove deprecated code
4. Documentation changes
   * API change make a note [upgrading page](
   * Update the user guide with code example

# API Change


    import org.geotools.filter.Filter;
    public void exampleMethod( DataStore store, Filter filter){
        FeatureCollection collection = store.getFeatures( filter )


    import org.opengis.filter.Filter;
    public void exampleMethod( Source source, Filter filter){
        Collection collection = source.content( filter )
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