Work in progress: a new visualization engine
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Gephi visualization engine


This is a new visualization engine for Gephi based on modern OpenGL techniques.

It aims to be:

  • Retro-compatible with old OpenGL versions through feature discovery, falling back to the best supported by the graphics card
  • High performance using most modern OpenGL when available, specially due to instancing, manual buffer management, using simple shaders and avoiding memory allocation when possible
  • Extensible with plugins (rendering and input)
  • JOGL and LWJGL3 version
  • Usable in AWT/Swing/NEWT/SWT with JOGL. For LWJGL3 GLFW/AWT is available, but AWT only for Linux and Windows at the moment.
  • Nicely interactive with mouse, directional zooming, etc with default input handler
  • Only a 2D engine for the moment
  • The only gephi-related dependency is graphstore

Currently, in comparison to Gephi 0.9.2 renderer it's lacking:

  • Self loops
  • Node/edge text labels
  • Selected nodes animation (should be doable with a simple uniform variable)

NOTE: to build it, first you will need to build the graphstore branch at