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@gerardog gerardog released this Dec 20, 2020


  • Fixed Failed to load hostfxr.dll when PowerShell is installed via Microsoft Store (#65)
  • Fixed cmd language changed after running gsudo (#63 #67)
  • Fixed cmd elevated color scheme (#51)
  • Fixed exception with gsudo config when gsudo.exe is placed in a path with spaces. (#62)
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@gerardog gerardog released this Aug 9, 2020


  • Fix Unhandled Exception when pressing CTRL+C after ~4 minutes runtime (Ctrl-C Handler delegate was garbage collected). (#53)
  • Fix Choco package issue when the user is not admin and installs as another user (#50)
  • Fix gsudo red ´#´ CMD prompt breaking console color scheme on some scenarios (#51)
  • Fix gsudo !prefix now case insensitive.
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@gerardog gerardog released this Jun 12, 2020

New Features:

  • Bang Bang: Running gsudo !! allows to elevate a command executed previously (CMD only, not Pwsh). Same as on Unix/Linux sudo bang bang.
    • gsudo !! elevates the last executed command.
    • gsudo !prefix elevates the last executed command that starts with prefix.
    • gsudo !?infix elevates the last executed command that contains infix.


  • Fixed "Unable to connect" issue on non-english Window versions. (#42)
  • Fixed issue not running apps with "autoElevate" manifest (those that normally shows UAC, like regedit). (#36)
  • Fixed issue not running the associated program when specifiyng a document gsudo file.txt (#29)
  • Fixed hang when launched via a UWP's alias (#43)
  • Fixed some warnings appearing when Google Drive FS/crashpad is installed (#32)
  • Fixed character encoding issues in VT mode. (#31)
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@gerardog gerardog released this Apr 5, 2020

  • For security reasons, the Credentials Cache is no longer 'automatic' by default. It has 3 modes now:
    • Disabled: Every elevation request shows a UAC popup.
    • Explicit: (default) Every elevation shows a UAC popup, unless a cache session is started/stopped with gsudo cache on/off.
    • Auto: Simil-unix-sudo. The first elevation shows a UAC Popup and starts a cache session automatically.

Those who want to see a reduced amount of UAC popups must opt-in to start a cache session (gsudo cache on) or set the Auto mode (gsudo config CacheMode Auto).

  • Are you leaving the keyboard to a co-worker? run gsudo -k to stop all cache sessions.

  • gsudo can not only launch elevated but also unelevate or restrict the permissions of a given command. With the added the --integrity {level} | (-i for short) option to launch a process with any integrity level. For example:

    • gsudo -i Low {command} start the process with low integrity, restricted permissions.
    • gsudo -i Medium {command} start with normal permissions. Can be used to unelevate a process.
    • Only High (the default) or higher has local admin privileges.
  • Added gsudo status to show info regarding the user, elevation, and cache status.

  • gsudo is now just one single EXE file, (no DLLs). (#26)

  • New internal method to elevate/unelevate based on replacing the new process security token, instead of (the now deprecated) console attachment/redirection.


  • Elevating the tee command (or any other awaiting for Std Input closure) now works properly. (#25)
  • Running gsudo from a mapped drive now works but only if the current directory is local. (#27)
  • Improved Chocolatey scripts upgrade scenarios (#17)
  • Cache session now closes when the allowed process ends. (#24)
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  • v0.6.0
  • ac057fb
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  • v0.6.0
  • ac057fb
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@gerardog gerardog released this Jan 28, 2020

New Features

  • Added -s / --system parameter to run as Local System Account.


  • Fixed PowerShell arguments when calling gsudo with or without arguments
    Contemplates PSCore 6.0.0 to 6.2.3 bug when installed as a global tool.
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@gerardog gerardog released this Jan 13, 2020

  • Fix for Win32Exception when elevating a batch file without specifying .bat exception. gsudo MyBatchFile (#6).
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@gerardog gerardog released this Jan 13, 2020

  • Added --copyev (Copy environment variables to elevated session)
  • Added --copyns (Copy network shares to the elevated session)
  • Added secure named pipe prefix to prevent squatting
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@gerardog gerardog released this Jan 9, 2020

Running gsudo from a non-admin user is now supported. The UAC popup will ask for an admin's user/password.

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@gerardog gerardog released this Dec 31, 2019

  • From now on, gsudo.exe is code signed. (UAC popup will no longer show "Unknown Publisher")
  • PowerShell commands elevation syntax changed as described in the readme.
  • Bugfixing of small issues.
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@gerardog gerardog released this Dec 24, 2019

  • Fixed issue when command line contains double quotes
  • Allow to elevate powershell commands. (Uses Powershell as a shell if invoked from Powershell)
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