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  1. ThermoNet is a computational framework for quantitative prediction of the impact of single-point mutations on protein thermodynamic stability. The core algorithm of ThermoNet is an ensemble of deep…

    Python 37 10

  2. SAMChain Public

    Python 25 7

  3. MUSIC Public

    MUltiScale enrIchment Calling for ChIP-Seq Datasets

    C++ 21 1

  4. aloft Public

    ALOFT, the Annotation Of Loss-of-Function Transcripts, provides extensive functional annotations to loss-of-function variants in the human genome.

    Python 18 3

  5. exceRpt Public

    Forked from rkitchen/exceRpt

    Software for preprocessing, filtering, alignment, and reporting of smallRNA-seq datasets

    HTML 18 6

  6. Prediction of Active Enhancers and Promoters in a Cell type specific manner using shape matching of histone and/or DNase-I hypersensitivity profiles

    Python 16 8


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