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STARR-seq peak caller
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Peak caller for STARR-seq data


  • Python 2.7 (tested on Python 2.7.10-2.7.15)
  • pysam
  • pybedtools
  • pyBigWig
  • numpy
  • scipy
  • pandas
  • statsmodels
  • sklearn (tested on 0.20.3)


git clone
cd starrpeaker
sudo python install --record files.txt
starrpeaker -h


Few notes on how alignment (BAM) files were prepared

For each biological replicates in FASTQ format

  1. Aligned paired-end reads using BWA mem (v0.7.17)
  2. Filtered alignments using SAMtools (v1.5) with the following arguments filter: -F 1804 exclude FLAG 1804: unmapped, next segment unmapped, secondary alignments, not passing platform q, PCR or optical duplicates; -f 2 require FLAG 2: properly aligned; -q 30 exclude MAPQ < 30; -u uncompressed output;
  3. Removed duplicates using picard (v2.9.0)
  4. Merged biological replicates using SAMtools



The peak calling algorithm models STARR-seq fragment coverage across the genome using multiple covariates to correct for potential sequencing bias. It is recommended to include potential confounding variables into the model. These includes but not limited to GC-content, mappability tracks, and so on.


usage: starrpeaker [-h] -p PREFIX --chromsize CHROMSIZE [-l LENGTH] [-s STEP]
                   -x BLACKLIST --cov COV [COV ...] -i INPUT [INPUT ...] -o
                   OUTPUT [OUTPUT ...] [--min MIN] [--max MAX] [-t THRESHOLD]


optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PREFIX, --prefix PREFIX
                        Output File Prefix
  --chromsize CHROMSIZE
                        Chrom Sizes
  -l LENGTH, --length LENGTH
                        Bin Length
  -s STEP, --step STEP  Step Size
  -x BLACKLIST, --blacklist BLACKLIST
                        Blacklist Region in BED format
  --cov COV [COV ...]   Covariate BigWig Files
  -i INPUT [INPUT ...], --input INPUT [INPUT ...]
                        Input BAM File
  -o OUTPUT [OUTPUT ...], --output OUTPUT [OUTPUT ...]
                        STARR-seq BAM File
  --min MIN             Minimum Template Size
  --max MAX             Maximum Template Size
  -t THRESHOLD, --threshold THRESHOLD
                        Adjusted P-value Threshold
  • '-p' or '--prefix': Output File Prefix

  • '--chromsize': Chrom Sizes

  • '-l' or '--length': Bin Length, default=500

  • '-s' or '--step': Step Size, default=100

  • '-x' or '--blacklist': Blacklist Region in BED format

  • '--cov': Covariate BigWig Files

  • '-i' or '--input': Input BAM File

  • '-o' or '--output': STARR-seq BAM File

optional args

  • '--min': Minimum Template Size, default=100
  • '--max': Maximum Template Size, default=1000
  • '-t', '--threshold': Adjusted P-value Threshold, default=0.05
starrpeaker --prefix <prefix for output files> --chromsize <hg38.chrom.sizes> --blacklist <blacklist_GRCh38.bed> --cov <covariate 1: gc content> <covariate 2: mappability> <covariate 3: conservation> --input <input.bam> --output <output.bam>


  • prefix.bin.bed: bin BED file
  • prefix.bam.bct: bin count in BST format (1st col: input, 2nd col: output, 3rd col: normalized input)
  • prefix.cov.tsv: covariate matrix in TSV format
  • prefix.peak.bed: peaks per bin
  • prefix.peak.merged.bed: merged peaks
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