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A demonstration of how to use wikiwho to complement other external tools
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Wiki-Impact helps in determining and expressing the impact of a Wikipedia user regarding his participation or production of knowledge in articles. The Visualization can be analysed to study the outcomes of various impacts the articles have and certain parameters can be studied with the help of well defined metrics.


Live data estimation

With Wiki-Impact the analysis can be done on the current live data and the outcomes can be studied accordingly.

Estimated knowledge in numbers

With Wiki-Impact certain metrics like Conflict Score, TopXarticles can be studies on numerical basis and thus reasoning can be obtained in numbers.

Getting Started with Wiki-Impact

You're going to need:

  • Windows, Linux or OS X
  • Python version 3.6
  • Jupyter Notebook Framework

Getting Set Up

Use MyBinder to run the notebooks and further enter parameters in them which you want to search and to visualize. You can further navigate between various notebooks.


While starting up the project you can either enter the parameters of your own choice or can further use the pre defined datasets provided by us.

Need Help? Found a bug?

Submit the issue to GitLab if you find one, and feel free to submit pull requests with bug fixes or changes.


  • @bheibel
  • @fkramer
  • @rlafraie
  • @vibhav

Special Thanks

  • Dr. Fabian Flöck
  • JProf. Dr. Claudia Wagner
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