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GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

Department Computational Social Science

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  1. orc Public

    Open Research Computing

    Python 38 11

  2. A Helm chart repo to install persistent BinderHub

    Python 17 11

  3. Getting started with GESIS Notebooks

    Jupyter Notebook 13 9

  4. IWAAN Public

    IWAAN - An interactive Jupyter Notebook collection that allows to run analyses of Wikipedia article editing dynamics out-of-the-box on Binder web services. Mainly uses for live article …

    Jupyter Notebook 8 3

  5. Shared Project for scraping youtube comments and combining analysis of text with analysis of Emojis

    Jupyter Notebook 7 2

  6. Shibboleth authentication for JupyterHub - This repo is not maintained anymore.

    Python 6 4


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