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Linux/BSD package installation

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Volunteers have packaged get_iplayer for several distros. These packages are NOT part of get_iplayer itself and are not supported by the get_iplayer maintainer. If you have any problems installing a packaged version of get_iplayer, or you are left with an incomplete or broken installation, contact the packager via whatever channel is appropriate for your distro. If the version packaged for your system is older than the latest release (found here), you may either wait for the new release to be packaged or else remove the obsolete package and perform a manual installation.

Available Packages

  • Arch (from ArchLinux User Repository, multiple packages)
  • Fedora (from RPMFusion Rawhide repo, package info)
  • OpenBSD (in snapshot repo, package info)
  • Raspbian Stretch/Raspberry Pi (from get_iplayer Raspbian repo)
    • Raspbian users should NEVER install get_iplayer from default repositories. It will be obsolete and broken. Use the get_iplayer Raspbian repo.
    • Appropriate versions of all dependencies (including ffmpeg and AtomicParsley) will be installed when using the get_iplayer Raspbian repo.
  • Ubuntu/Mint (from get-player PPA)
    • Ubuntu/Mint users should NEVER install get_iplayer from default repositories. It will be obsolete and broken. get_iplayer is no longer offered in default repositories from Ubuntu/Mint 18.04/19 onwards. Use the get-player PPA.

    • Users of Ubuntu/Mint versions before 18.04/19 should NOT install ffmpeg or AtomicParsley from default repositories. For earlier supported releases of Ubuntu/Mint, appropriate versions of those utilities will be installed when using the get-player PPA.

      NOTE: the ffmpeg provided for Ubuntu 14.04 and Mint 17 via the get_iplayer PPA converts some, but not all, iPlayer formats. You are strongly encouraged to follow the instructions here to install a modern version of ffmpeg (3.0+).

    • A script is provided to launch the Web PVR Manager server. Run get_iplayer_web_pvr from a command prompt and open in your browser.

  • Distros with snap support (from Snapcraft Store or uApp Explorer)

ffmpeg and AtomicParsley for old or obsolete Linux distros

Old Linux distros or long-term support releases may not provide modern versions of ffmpeg (3.0+) and AtomicParsley (0.9.4+) required to support some get_iplayer functionality. You may be able to install alternate versions of those applications. See manual installation.


The system package manager will handle upgrades to get_iplayer and its dependencies. If you have installed a separate version of ffmpeg or AtomicParsley on an old distro, you will need to update it manually if necessary.

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