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get_iplayer Installation

Table of Contents

Source Code

The source code for the latest get_iplayer release can be downloaded as a tarball or zip archive from:


get_iplayer runs on Linux/BSD (numerous distros supported), macOS (10.10+) and Windows (7/8/10 - XP/Vista not supported).


  • Perl 5.10.1+ is required

Perl modules (with dependencies) required for get_iplayer:

  • JSON::PP - JSON parsing
  • LWP - HTTP access to BBC servers
  • LWP::Protocol::https - HTTPS support for LWP
  • Mojolicious - Web toolkit
  • XML::Simple - Extraction of XML programme metadata
  • XML::LibXML - HTML parsing for page scraping

Users of Perl 5.22 and higher must install the CGI module separately to use the Web PVR Manager.

External Programs

get_iplayer employs external programs to download some streams and manipulate media files:

  • AtomicParsley - Metadata tagging for MP4 and M4A files.
  • ffmpeg - Converts DASH audio/video, MPEG-TS, FLV files to MP4 and M4A.

Details of how external programs are used can be found here.