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Dock Plasma Cash Contracts


Contracts are forked from Loom Network. Please check each file in contracts for the applicable license.

Contracts are beta and have not undergone a third-party review yet. Tread with care.

To Do
  • Clean up lint errors in contracts, including snake case
  • Add compile script
  • Add deployment script
  • Add tests
  • Add SDK


The Dock Plasma Cash contracts are customized to support a single-validator, single-operator deployment. This makes for a compact, reasonably cost-effective, solution suitable for a variety of paywall and exchange scenarios including one-to-many. Hence, this solution may be quite appealing to 'owner-operators' ranging from high-frequency IoT to more traditional data and asset exchanges.

In the not so distant future, we plan to release the Dock SDK supporting the configuration, deployment, and management of the Dock single validator, single operator solution in a highly scalable master/slave configuration.

If you are active in the IoT or digital asset exchange space and interested in working with the Dock SDK, please leave a note in the Issues section.

Compiling And Deploying Contracts

See the contracts dir for further information.