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Clarify 'stories' in manual and add links to theming
Signed-off-by: Chris Warrick <>
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@@ -815,8 +815,8 @@ There are multiple configuration variables dedicated to each of the three taxono
* ``HIDDEN_TAGS``. ``HIDDEN_CATEGORIES`` to make some tags/categories invisible in lists
* ``POSTS_SECTION_FROM_META`` to use ``.. section:`` in posts instead of inferring paths from paths

Creating a Page
Creating a Page (Story)

Pages are the same as posts, except that:

@@ -831,6 +831,10 @@ You can create the page's files manually or use the ``new_post`` command
with the ``-p`` option, which will place the files in the folder that
has ``use_in_feed`` set to False.

In some places (including default directories and templates), pages are called
*stories* for historic reasons. Both are synonyms for the same thing: pages
that are not blog posts.

Supported input formats

@@ -1175,7 +1179,7 @@ CSS tweaking
.. _LESS:
.. _Sass:

Template tweaking
Template tweaking and creating themes
If you really want to change the pages radically, you will want to do a
`custom theme <theming.html>`__.

@@ -1315,8 +1319,18 @@ change the FILES_FOLDERS option:
# FILES_FOLDERS = {'files': '' }
# Which means copy 'files' into 'output'

Getting More Themes
Custom Themes

If you prefer to have a custom appearance for your site, and modifying CSS
files and settings (see `Customizing Your Site`_ for details) is not enough,
you can create your own theme. See the :doc:`theming` and
:doc:`creating-a-theme` for more details. You can put them in a ``themes/``
folder and set ``THEME`` to the directory name. You can also put them in
directories listed in the ``EXTRA_THEMES_DIRS`` configuration variable.

Getting Extra Themes

There are a few themes for Nikola. They are available at
the `Themes Index <>`_.

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