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ralsina committed Sep 15, 2015
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@@ -454,6 +454,14 @@ and ``PAGES`` configuration options:
("stories/*.rst", "stories", "story.tmpl"),

.. note:: POSTS and PAGES are not flat!

Even if the syntax may suggest you can't, you can create any directory structure you want
inside ``posts/`` or ``stories/`` and it will be reflected in the output. For example,
``posts/foo/bar.txt`` would produce ``output/posts/foo/bar.html``, assuming the slug is also ``bar``.

If you have ``PRETTY_URLS`` enabled, that would be ``output/posts/foo/bar/index.html``.

``new_post`` will use the *first* path in ``POSTS`` (or ``PAGES`` if ``-p`` is
supplied) that ends with the extension of your desired markup format (as
defined in ``COMPILERS`` in ````) as the directory that the new post will be

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