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This is a really packed release, that was almost 2 months in the making. The highlight of this release is probably the new design/UX improvements (see screenshots) but also includes:

  • Shared/public dashboards: you can now generate a secret link, that allows access to a single dashboard (similar to how shareable links work for Google Docs).
  • Dashboards the user doesn't have access to any of their widgets are no longer shown to him.
  • New admin views to show currently executing queries.
  • DynamoDB support.
  • Better full screen view for dashboards.
  • Ability to receive a password reset link by email.
  • Improvements and fixes to the InfluxDB, TreasureData, Impala, Vertica , Sqlite and MongoDB query runners.
  • Documentation improvements and more.

As always I would like to thank all who contributed to this release: @machira, @gseva, @AntoineAugusti, @tdawber, @groveriffic, @alexanderlz, @tsibley, @erans, @toru-takahashi, @ink-adavison, @ChiragKParmar, @jkatsnelson, @seanauriti, @staritza, @kasajei, @kirikiriyamama and @jeffwidman.

Changes since v0.9.2.b1536:


d331285 #980: Add environment variable to override secure_flag on session cookie (@machira)
1f824fc #957: Hide dashboards that current user cannot see based on his groups (@gseva)
ff93369 #1002: Feature: record events for embed and shared dashboard open (@arikfr)
30227f4 #856: Feature: running queries monitor (@arikfr)
c17ba03 #992: Small UI fixes (@arikfr)
3761999 #991: Improvements to Plotly.js integration (@arikfr)
235109c #984: New design 🎉 and UX improvements! (@arikfr)
c7f2217 #988: Feature: add CLI to invite user (@AntoineAugusti)
6cc2cf7 #987: Feature: ability to change logo (@AntoineAugusti)
748f6e4 #983: Add link to embeds to open query page in new window (@tdawber)
d78ef8f #974: Add support for using Redis via unix socket (@arikfr)
0c6317c #973: Small updates to data sources (friendlier name for MySQL, and ability to disable query runners) (@arikfr)
2308a3a #972: Feature: allow toggling dashboard full screen from URL (@arikfr)
39315db #962: InfluxDB: Added support for multiple queries and tags (@groveriffic)
d83dfc9 #934: Feature: DynamoDB DQL query runner (@alexanderlz)
ba3013a #883: Support for REMOTE_USER authentication (@tsibley)
ea57175 #935: Feature: allow forwarding events to a webhook (@arikfr)
9e6e913 #928: Add extension points to override frontend elements (@arikfr)
e0ad3ee #925: Feature: password reset & invite links functionality. (@arikfr)
5a222be #926: Python query runner: make max and min functions available to the scripts (@erans)
f8a8928 #922: Allow existing users sign in with Google Apps even if they are not from an allowed domain (@arikfr)
dd5c186 #920: Feature: MongoDB - add support for $date and relative dates. (@arikfr)
2f35c1e #918: Several improvements to query runners: (@arikfr)
7c0c189 #910: Better full screen support (@arikfr)
a1a73a1 #888: Improve TreasureData query runner (@toru-takahashi)
536d759 #906: Feature: public dashboards (@arikfr)


b73fdf1 #1003: Fix #986: search might return duplicate queries (@arikfr)
c80728c #978: Fix #958: group members/datasources were cached. (@arikfr)
b0ea6b0 #970: Use ng-if instead of ng-show for schema (@arikfr)
93c663d #963: Fix "http directive is not allowed here" on Ubuntu and Amazon Linux (@ink-adavison)
f6f9dac #960: When opening a query page, don't automatically execute it (@arikfr)
52902c3 #959: Fix: show browser notification only when page is hidden (@arikfr)
5e22576 #956: Fix: adapt Impala query runner for new configuration (@arikfr)
0dfbe6f #947: Fix: permissions migration was changing default's group type (@arikfr)
70e2b5d #938: Fix: event reporting breaks when using ApiUser. (@arikfr)
e75c3c6 #927: Fix: format API not working for non default organization (@arikfr)
e60caf8 #919: Fix: schema fetching for Vertica & SQLite was broken (fix #916) (@alexanderlz)
0e70980 #909: Fix #908: updating configuration without secrets was failing (@arikfr)


2655eec #997: Additional documentation (@AntoineAugusti)
874793e #977: Adding two badges for better visibility. (@ChiragKParmar)
6e440d8 #911: Docs: Docker compose instructions (@jkatsnelson)
8b4e322 #952: Update upgrade.rst (@seanauriti)
70a5ffd #939: Docs: Fix command to restart the web server (@AntoineAugusti)


869c060 #1017: Add data source to default group when creating with CLI (@arikfr)
7b5d16e #1005: Update to include saml dependency (@staritza)
0d9faa8 #964: Allow passing branch name to (@ink-adavison)
a66ac84 #951: Fixes URL for Github Release (@seanauriti)
0023961 #941: Fix install command for freetds-devel on amazon_linux (@kasajei)
5885cd9 #940: Nginx configuration: hide version (@kirikiriyamama)
56b3675 #923: Setup Sentry to catch error logs (@arikfr)
079ae09 #917: Restructure the Flask app (@arikfr)
d8b1131 #921: Additional events and information (@arikfr)
b0b9cd9 #912: redash static assets path should be pointed at dist, not app (@jkatsnelson)
b4b2bb8 #902: Make create_database script executable (@jeffwidman)
399b7ad #901: Docker: fix docker-compose env variables in example (@jeffwidman)
feadf88 #894: Dockerfile: use redash's docker-hub nginx image (@jeffwidman)
bf55d2f #895: Use redash's docker-hub redash image (@jeffwidman)
aec5f78 #893: Fix YAML syntax error due to missing spaces (@jeffwidman)