@bruno-garcia bruno-garcia released this May 11, 2018 · 18 commits to develop since this release

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The major addition is Sentry's Context Interface.

Get it from NuGet

Besides the additional tags available at Sentry, the runtime version and operating system are also sent to Sentry automatically and displayed at the top of the event:


The full contexts interface is accessible via the API so SDK consumers can add more context when available at the application level.

Changes details:

  • Payload creation has runtime detection
  • Context is built lazily on first event
  • Root context is cloned per event to avoid expensive calls required to build it
  • .NET Framework 4.7.1 added to support NET Standard 2.0 paths (RuntimeInformation)
  • Json.NET indirect reference to Nancy
  • non normalized data set to raw-description
  • Leave Name and Version empty if no proper API available to set it
  • Server will use Raw Description if no Name and Version was provided to try normalizing into those 2 fields.
  • Report Device CPU architecture

PRs involved: #237, #243, #247, #248

Besides that, DSN no longer requires a private key. #232

If you are or want to be a contributor to Sentry's .NET SDK, you might also be interested that we:

  • Fixed the macOS and Linux build. Works on Travis too.
  • Added a new target: net471 which covers code paths intended for netstandard2.0
  • Fixed the test runner integration so 4 targets (net35,net40,net45,net471) run within visual studio

A special thanks to @asbjornu for reviewing every single change and giving valuable insight.

Please note this is the last 2.x release of this SDK. We'll be releasing 3.0 next with a few small breaking changes.