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About the Developer's Guide to AWS Costs

Engineers spend too much time and money trying to understand and control their AWS Cloud Costs. The Developer's Guide to AWS Costs is a resource for engineers working on AWS Cost Analysis to enable quick billing analysis to find cost drivers.


The information for the Developer's Guide to AWS Costs is structured in 'Guides'. Each guide will give a user a start-to-finish overview of how to perform analysis on an AWS Service. Guides include details on IAM Permissions (when required), sample code for analysis, in-depth explanations of query results, and the Cost and Usage Report (CUR) fields required for analysis.

Get in touch!

Understanding AWS costs is a messy business. If you have questions about the project or want to talk to some AWS cost experts, here are some resources:

  • 🖥️ Visit our website to learn more about the project and for free resources.
  • 💭 Join the Strake community if you have questions or want to provide roadmap suggestions for the Developer's Guide to AWS Costs.

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SQL code for developers to understand AWS cloud costs. Reduce time spent on billing, get back to engineering. Created and maintained by the team at Macroscope.