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Getty Images API SDK - PHP

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This SDK makes using the Getty Images API easy. It handles credential management, makes HTTP requests and is written with a fluent style in mind. For more info about the API, see the Documentation.

  • Search for images and videos from our extensive creative and editorial catalogs.
  • Get image and video metadata.
  • Download files using your Getty Images products (e.g., Editorial subscriptions, Easy Access, Thinkstock Subscriptions, and Image Packs).
  • Custom Request functionality that allows user to call any endpoint.

Help & Support

Getting started

Obtain an API Key

If you don't already have an API key, fill out and submit the contact form to be connected to our Sales team.

Installing the package

The SDK is available on Packagist.


See for examples.

Building From Source Code

Source code is only needed if you would like to contribute to the project. Otherwise, use the package

Initial Setup


  • You have PHP >=7.2 setup

PHP.ini settings to build the code

phar.readonly = Off

//Extensions needed for Windows OSs

Install via Composer

Please refer to

Quick Build

If everything is setup on your machine where PHP will run, you can most likely run BuildSDK.bat or to automatically build the phar. If something fails please read the error messages, PHP can have a finicky setup if you've never tried to use it to build a package before.



Linux / OSX


On Ubuntu, you may need to install a few additional packages

sudo apt update
sudo apt install php-xml php-mbstring



This will put GettyImagesApi.phar in a build folder. Then you can use the package as you would any other phar.

The build does a few things for you automatically

  1. Determines if you have composer.phar and will retrieve it if you don't have it
  2. Runs composer install to get dependencies that are outlined in the composer.json file
  3. Then produces the phar file in ./build/GettyImagesApi.phar

Manually Installing PHP libraries

BuildSDK should get all the dependencies for you but if you want to do the update without a build From the root of the repository

php composer.phar install

If you want the test dependencies

php composer.phar install --require-dev

This command should install PHPUnit and any other php dependency libraries

Environment variables of interest

The sdk does support using a proxy directly as well as ignoring ssl validation errors. This can be configured through the existense environment variables


*nix Shell Example:

export GettyImagesApi_IgnoreSSLValidation=TRUE
export GettyImagesApi_UseProxy=

Windows CMD Example:

set GettyImagesApi_IgnoreSSLValidation=TRUE
set GettyImagesApi_UseProxy=

Powershell Example



Running unit tests

The test project contains unit tests written using the PHPUnit Framwork.

Execute the unit tests


  • You have PHPUnit installed

To execute all of the unit tests: ./vendor/bin/phpunit --bootstrap vendor/autoload.php unitTests/.

To execute one test class: ./vendor/bin/phpunit --bootstrap vendor/autoload.php unitTests/EXAMPLETEST


To publish a new version to Packagist, create a new release with an updated tag. A webhook will notify Packagist to grab the latest version.