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Script collection for linux


Enables some powersaving on the Asus N56VB and Ubuntu 12.04. Should work on other computers and Linuxes as well. In order to enable power saving run the script with an argument of either light, on or extra like this: light

The script contains self-explanatory functions grouped under a big CASE that enable various power saving features. Depending on your needs, you can re-arrange these functions to different cases. For example, I work mostly in a wireless setup, so I moved the "disable_ethernet" function to the "light" case. Also, when on the road, I don't do heavy processing, so I moved "make_cpus_sleep" to the "on" case - however my applications need a lot of CPU at work, so I'm not running the "make_cpus_sleep" function in the "light" setting.

Script for reducing power consumption of the Acer Nitro 5. Has four options low/medium/full/reset. The frist three do what they say, eg. "low" disables most CPU cores, pins frequency at the lowest value, reduces graphics card frequency etc. "full" undoes all power saving measures. "reset" is like "low", but first resets power saving settings - that's needed mostly after resuming from standby.


Allows for finer brightness control for the Asus N56VB and Ubuntu 12.04. You probably need to adjust the "B" variable in the script. down


Handles some automatic volume adjustment (like enabling the headset and muting other equipment). You probably will have to adjust the device names.


Useful in a topology with a WLAN and multiple access points, will pick the AP with the strongest signal and connect. Must be run as root because iwlist won't return a list of SSIDs otherwise. <interface> <SSID>


sudo wlan0 home_wifi

Note: You might need to restart some applications or even services after running the script, e.g. Firefox won't be able to connect to Google or Facebook.


Example script that shows how to harden an ip6 enabled web server. Closes down everything other than port 22 (ssh), 80 (http), 6081 (varnish) and ICMP and redirects traffic from port 80 to 6081.

some extra keyboard mappings

Example script from here that adds some special characters for European languages to an US keyboard mapping.

control the tp-link hs100, hs110 and hs200 wlan smart plugs

See repository

tools for proxying a nordvpn socks5 proxy

Runs haproxy as a proxy to nordvpn. See repository

Snoop around the nordvpn-proxy directory for other tools.


Compute the checksum of a directory and contents. Useful to make sure a location hasn't been corrupted. Must be invoked from directory to check.

cd /path/to/check


## qrcodes
Script that converts a file to a series of QR codes and assembles QR codes back together into file. Doesn't work very well on big files :-(

Convert "file" into a series of QR codes stored in the current directory as PNG images:

```sh sourcefile

Convert QR codes back into file. Takes all PNG files named part.somenumber.png in the current directory: outputfile


Reset a PCI device (like in my case, the Atheros wifi module) when the driver isn't responding and reloads the driver

After an update in October 2022, the power button doesn't work anymore in Ubuntu 20.04. This script works around the issue by tailing syslog. I added it to the startup application list which runs scripts after the user logs in to the desktop.


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