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Server Compatibility List

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Server Version Works with Version tested by URL pattern
Baikal ? V1.7 ? http(s)://server/baikal base/cal.php/principals/user_name
Baikal 0.2.4 V1.7 ? http(s)://server/baikal base/cal.php/calendars/user_name/calendars_name/ ("/" At the end of the URL is required)
caldavd (Calendarserver) 3.2 V1.8.1-beta.2 timoberger http(s)://server/calendars/users/user_name
Citadel (Calendar) 8.14 V1.8.1 Pidder https://server/groupdav/Calendar (Only one-way:Android->Calendar))
CozyCloud (cozy-sync) git V1.8.1 Fab https://server/public/sync/principals/me
Davical 1.1.1-2 V1.8 timoberger http(s)://server/caldav.php/user_name
Egroupware 1.4.003 V1.8 ? http(s)://server/egroupware/groupdav.php
iCloud (Apple) ? V1.7 ? (To find XX and YY, look for PrincipalURL key in ~/Library/Calendars/*.caldav/Info.plist)
NAS Synology with DSM DSM 4.3 V1.7 ? http(s)://server:5005(6)/caldav_directory/calendar_name/
Owncloud 5.0.0 V1.8.1 xatr0z http(s)://server/owncloud base/remote.php/caldav/principals/user_name
Owncloud 6.0.2 V1.8 cwittmer http(s)://server/owncloud base/remote.php/caldav/principals/user_name
radicale 0.8 V1.8 timoberger http://server:5232/username
SabreDAV 1.8.6 V1.8 timoberger http://server/calendarserver.php/principals/user_name
SOGo 2.1 V1.8.1 bug http(s)://server/SOGo/dav/user_name
Zimbra 8.0.4 V1.8.1-beta.1 timoberger http(s)://server/principals/users/username (note: use your email-address as account name)

the sync adapter has been tested with the following services with success.

Service Works with Version tested by URL pattern
fruux V1.8.1-beta.1 timoberger
Google calendar V1.8 timoberger
iCloud (Apple) V1.8.1-beta.2 timoberger (To find XX set your calendar to 'share public'. There will be the number needed [webcal://]) V1.8.1 ketamin
fastmail V1.8.1 aerosol
Яндекс V1.8 alexeevdv
zoho V1.8 pratheekms
Mail.Ru V1.8.1 jn0 for (calendars are seen and added, but sync of events is still questionable. and it's /slooow/)

If you are facing problems with ownCloud, please try to access this calendar on the ownCloud demo site:

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