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Geoff Messier's Data Analytics Repository

This repository contains (hopefully) generally useful data analytics code as well as code specifically used to generate the results I've published in peer-reviewed papers. This repository also contains orientation material for new members of my research team and anyone else who's interested in taking a look. For more information on understanding the content of this repository, please see my website.

Code for Publications

  • The work listed here that utilizes information from emergency shelter and/or housing program databases are governed by certificates issued through the University of Calgary ethics review process. It is typically not possible for me to publish these datasets due to privacy restrictions. However, I still do publish the code that processes this data to demonstrate our methodology.

  • Most of my analysis is done using the python pandas, numpy, scipy, matplotlib and plotly libraries. I will also make use of Jupyter python notebooks. When I use notebooks, I will post both the notebook file and a PDF export of the file for those who want to see general methodology as well as the plots I generate for the papers.


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