Raspberry Pi Project to physically control my ethereum mining rigs
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This is the script I use to physically control the power/reset buttons on my ethereum mining rigs. It works by powering relays off the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi. Powering a relay allows me to short the reset or power terminals on a rig in case it freezes or becomes remotely inaccessible

Each rig is defined in rigs.json where a GPIO.BCM pin is mapped to a power or reset terminal on the motherboard.


usage: main.py [-h] [-r] [-c] [-t TIME] id

Control the physical power/restart buttons on a rig

positional arguments: id Rig id as defined in rigs.json

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -r, --restart Control the restart button, by default the power button is controlled -c, --cycle Power down / power on the power button -t TIME, --time TIME Time in seconds to hold physical button down, default = 3



 "rig1" : {
    "power" : 17,
    "reset" : 18
   "rig3" : {
    "power" : 98,
    "reset" : 99

As far as I know, sudo is required to access GPIO

Hold the power button down on rig1 for 5 seconds

sudo python main.py rig1 -t 5

Power cycle rig1

sudo python main.py rig1 -c

Hold rig1 reset button down (default -t is 3 seconds)

sudo python main.py rig1 -r