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Joomla plugin to override Joomla MVC
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Hi everyone,

thank you for your interest for this plugin.

Unfortunately, I am running out of time these days, so I won't update it.

If anyone has a solution to make it better, please feel free to fork it.

Maybe, I'll come back in a few months, but right now I have a big project that will take all my energies.


Joomla plugin to override Joomla MVC.

Plugin used (and updated for j!3) in these joomla docs :

How to override the component mvc from the Joomla! core - Joomla! Documentation

The joomla 2.5.x version is here :

Plugin Override - Joomla! Extensions Directory

###Usage example For a component :


For a module :


###Issue No more issue ATM.

Alex Chartier found a working solution.

If someone finds an issue, please tell us.

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