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Helios - Core

Scala library of shared utilities


Helios-Core is a general-purpose Scala library belonging to the multifaceted Helios project.

Helios-core focuses on different areas:

  • application versioning

  • file-system, desktop integration and OS information utilities

  • general-purpose functions

Other libraries of the project cover specific domains - for example:

As an important point, Helios is designed to be compatible with Aurora, making it very easy to employ the artifacts created by Aurora.

Helios is meant to evolve over time - please refer to its Scaladoc or its source code for more details on its current packages.


For further information about downloading or referencing Helios-core via Gradle or Maven, please visit its page on Hephaestus, my Gradle/Maven repository.

Helios-core is now also an OSGi bundle.

Integration with Aurora requires Aurora 6.0 or later.

Further references

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