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A small library to write reducers as objects
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A small library to write Redux reducers as objects instead of using switch statements.


I don't like switch statements!


npm install redux-reduce-with --save

How does it work?

To write a reducer with redux-reduce-with you simply define an object where the keys are your action types and the values for those keys are mutators; these can be either functions or objects.

A mutator function is a pure function that receives the current state and the current action and returns the new value for the state.

A mutator object is an object where each key is a key within the state that you want to mutate, and the value for that key is a function which receives the current action and, as a second parameter, the state. The value for the key can also be an immediate value if you don't need to compute anything.

A simple example:

// We import the library
import { reduceWith } from 'redux-reduce-with'

// We import our action types
import {
} from './ActionTypes'

// We define our mutators object
const mutators = {
    // We can mutate the whole state with one function,
    // as long as we return the whole state
    [LOADING_START]: (state, action) => {
        return {
            isLoading: true,
            loading: state.loading + 1

    // We can also mutate certain keys, setting them directly
        loading: (action, state) => state.loading - 1,
        isLoading: (action, state) => (state.loading - 1) === 0 ? false : true

    // We can also directly set an immediate value for a
    // specific key, or more than one of them
        loading: 0,
        isLoading: false

// We wrap our mutators object, along with a default state, with reduceWith and export it.
// The exported value will be a regular reducer function!
export default reduceWith(mutators, { loading: 0, isLoading: false })



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