Retry operations automatically on certain errors #golang
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Small helper library to retry operations automatically on certain errors.


The retry package provides a Do() function which can be used to execute a provided function until it succeds.

op := func() error {
    // Do something that can fail and should be retried here
    return httpClient.CreateUserOnRemoteServer()
         retry.Timeout(15 * time.Second))

Besides the op itself, you can provide a few options:

  • RetryChecker(func(err error) bool) - If this func returns true for the returned error, the operation is tried again (default: nil - no retries)
  • MaxTries(int) - Maximum number of calls to op() before aborting with MaxRetriesReachedErr
  • Timeout(time.Duration) - Maximum number of time to try to perform this op before aborting with TimeoutReachedErr
  • Sleep(time.Duration) - time to sleep after every failed op()