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An Helm chart to use Promtail as a sidecar of your application
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This is a Simple logger to demo the use of Promtail as a sidecar to send logs to Loki


This docs assume:

  • you have loki and grafana already deployed. Please refered to official documentation for installation
  • The logfile you want to scrape is in JSON format

This Helm chart deploy a application pod with 2 containers: - a Golang app writing logs in a separate file. - a Promtail that read that log file and send it to loki.

The file path can be updated via the ./helm/values.yaml file.

sidecar.labels is a map where you can add the labels that will be added to your log entry in Loki.


  • Logfile located at /home/slog/creator.log
  • Adding labels
    • job: promtail-sidecar
    • test: golang
    path: /home/slog
    filename: creator.log
    job: promtail-sidecar
    test: golang
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