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This project is a long-range Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity library that is intended to work with LoRa-based devices on either 915 MHz or 433 MHz. If you have an applicable use, please feel free to submit a pull request and submit it here as well.


Outpost is useful in large outdoor temporary scenarios, like festivals (harkening back to the famous Fyre festival) or other large social gatherings where it would be advantageous to have a temporary beacon set up for two-way communication and radios.



To get started with the webserver, you'll need to open /backend and /frontend and start the corresponding Node.JS services as described in the articles and READMEs on their page.

Code and Feedback

You can find the project board here with the current to-do list. You can also submit PRs or start issues if there are any features you want to add or if there are bugs.

Have additional feedback for us? Feel free to email me at the email linked in my bio. This project was created by Gideon Tong and Brian Lam with the additional help of many mentors.

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