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mirror of with some patches for easier build with rock linux
C Shell
Latest commit 9446c4d ecki Remove garbage ipv6 scopes in netstat output (Debian Bug #508110)
Thanks Marco Steinacher for reporting.
Failed to load latest commit information.
RPM Fix IPv6 compilation problems.
include fixed signedness compiler warning
lib Remove garbage ipv6 scopes in netstat output (Debian Bug #508110)
man po/man: if LINGUAS is set, only install translations for those langs
po po/man: if LINGUAS is set, only install translations for those langs
.cvsignore ignore local .git dir
.gitignore ignore generated gettext files
ABOUT-NLS Replace outdated NLS support with GNU gettext (patch from
COPYING Initial revision
INSTALLING ready for net-tools 1.54...
Makefile improve dist target: include compiled gettext files, exclude scm file…
README added link to berliOS
README.ipv6 Update
TODO Add IrDA support; patch from Dag Brattli <>
arp.c arp: document the existing -e/-t options moved H suport for Infiniband to the right section Portability/cross-compile fixes from Chris G. Demetriou
hostname.c Maik Broemme contributed gcc warning fixes (break after default: label)
ifconfig.c Avoid segfault of ifconfig(8) on missing /proc/net/dev
intl.h Use setlocale at program initialisation.
ipmaddr.c Fixed Debian Bug #392263 reported by Jochen Voss
iptunnel.c Use setlocale at program initialisation.
mii-tool.c GigE Support by Stephen Hemminger from
nameif.c Fix off by one in name length checking
netstat.c netstat: PIDs can be long, Bug #199702 of Ubuntu Launchpad, Bug #1691…
plipconfig.c Use setlocale at program initialisation.
rarp.c more backoff
route.c route now support -6 -4 or -46 option
slattach.c slattach: use fchown() rather than chown() to avoid race between crea…
statistics.c conditional printing of values (to support -tuw options for netstat -s)



                Information about the net-tools package

NET-TOOLS	A collection of programs that form the base set of the
		NET-3 networking distribution for the Linux operating

This package includes the important tools for controlling the network
subsystem of the Linux kernel.  This includes arp, hostname, ifconfig,
netstat, rarp and route.  Additionally, this package contains
utilities relating to particular network hardware types (plipconfig,
slattach, mii-tool) and advanced aspects of IP configuration (iptunnel,

Please include the output of "program --version" when reporting bugs.

   README		This file.

   README.ipv6		Notes for people hacking IPv6.

   INSTALLING		Installation instructions.

   COPYING		Your free copy of the GNU General Public License.

   TODO			Some things that need to be done.

The  Homepage (including CVS repository, release downloads and a form to
request enhancements) is hosted by BerliOS Developer. Please consider to
join the project if you want to contribute:



This is net-tools 1.6x.

You need kernel 2.0 or later to use these programs.  These programs
should compile cleanly with both glibc (version 2.0 or 2.1) and libc5,
though support for libc5 is not well tested.

The NLS support was changed from catgets to GNU gettext by Arnaldo
Carvalho de Melo <> in June, 1998, to make the
source more readable. Translations to brazilian portuguese (pt_BR),
German (de), Estonian (ee), Czech (cz) and French (fr) are available.
Others are welcome!

route/netstat -r do not yet support different address families
cleanly.  IPX/DDP/AX25 people, please feel free to add the code.

ifconfig now supports changing media types for interfaces.  This requires
a version 2.2 kernel, and many devices do not support it yet.

The tools now support the layout of the 2.2 kernel /proc files (Bernd

Some configuration options require kernel version 2.2 and/or
particular versions of the C library.  The defaults should be safe for
all common environments but some of the more esoteric hardware and
protocol families may be more touchy.  Feel free to send patches if
you have problems.

Phil Blundell

Bernd Eckenfels
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