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ActorX - Unreal Actor Exporter

Building the source code

We are using own build system to compile ActorX. You may find a Perl script in ./genmake. This script generates makefiles from some human-friendly project format. After that you may build generated makefile using nmake for Visual Studio or make for gcc.

There's a build script which iterates over all available SDKs and issues build for all available SDK platofrms. This script could be found in ./build.sh

ActorX is compiled using Visual Studio. Currently build is performed with Visual C++ 2010, but in theory almost all Visual Studio versions should be supported (perhaps except Visual C++ 6.0 and Visual C++ 2001).

Build system utilizes GNU Tools for building, in particular - Bash and Perl. I've packaged Windows versions of such tools which was a part of MinGW/MSYS project. You get may everything you need for a build here. This page contains BuildTools.zip. You should download it and extract into some directory, let's say to C:\BuildTools. After that, put C:\BuildTools\bin to the system PATH variable. Also it is possible to create a batch file which will temporarily tune PATH and then execute build script. Here's an example of such file:

@echo off
set PATH=%PATH%;C:\BuildTools\bin
bash build.sh

To launch a build process without a batch, simply execute

bash build.sh

This command line will issue building ActorX plugin for all available supported SDKs. If you want to build a particular version, use this command line format:

bash build.sh <SDK_Ver>

(see description of SDK_Ver format below)


SDK are not distributed for legal reasons. You should download them from corresponding developer's sites and place under /SDK directory (relative to the project's root). Directory layout for x86/x64 mixed platofrms is:


<SDK_Ver> ::= (Max|Maya)(Year)[_x64]

All includes goes to <SDK_Ver>/include, x86 libraries to <SDK_Ver>/lib, x64 libraries to <SDK_Ver>/x64/lib. For x64-only SDK's, use the following layout:


All libraries should go to the <SDK_Ver>/lib directory. Suffix _x64 of SDK's directory name is required.

Build script is intended to work with Max and Maya versions starting from 2012 year, but it should work well with older versions too.

Web resources

Plugin announcements and discussion thread on Gildor.org

Original plugin home page


ActorX plugin is licensed under the BSD license.