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Andy.scss: Open-Source Collection of Sass Mixins.

Current Version: 1.1


The purpose of Andy is to gather useful mixins and avoid enless researches or heavy framework use. Feel free to fork it on Github and add your own mixins:

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You can:

Download the file and place it your Sass project. Another solution is to use Bower:

$ bower install andy

or install the ruby gem:

gem 'rails-assets-andy'

How to use

Just include the entire file. Then you can change the default settings in andy.scss. For example, you can change the base font-size:

$base-font-size: 16px !default;

Additional default settings will be soon added. Otherwise, be sure to check out the documentation at:

Mixins availables:

  • Background Gradient
  • Background Size
  • Border Corners
  • Box Sizing
  • Center Block
  • Centering Block: Horizontal, Vertical, Both
  • Clearfix
  • Div Outline
  • Font Face
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Image Retina
  • Line-Height
  • Media Queries
  • Opacity
  • Opacity Black
  • Opacity White
  • Position
  • Radius
  • Scale
  • Shadows
  • Size
  • Text Shadow
  • Translate-x
  • Translate-y
  • Transition
  • Transitions Snippets


Andy is supported by amazing contributors: