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Inkscape figure manager
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Inkscape figure manager.

A script I use to manage figures for my LaTeX documents. More information in this blog post.


You can install it using pip:

pip install inkscape-figures

You'll also need rofi.

This script only works on Linux. If you're interested in porting it to Windows/OSX, feel free to make a pull request.


Add the following code to the preamble of your LateX document.



This assumes the following directory structure:



  • Watch for figures: inkscape-figures watch.
  • Creating a figure: inkscape-figures create 'title'. This uses ~/.config/inkscape-figures/template.svg as a template.
  • Creating a figure in a specific directory: inkscape-figures create 'title' path/to/figures/.
  • Select figure and edit it: inkscape-figures edit.
  • Select figure in a specific directory and edit it: inkscape-figures edit path/to/figures/.

Vim mappings

This assumes that you use VimTeX.

inoremap <C-f> <Esc>: silent exec '.!inkscape-figures create "'.getline('.').'" "'.b:vimtex.root.'/figures/"'<CR><CR>:w<CR>
nnoremap <C-f> : silent exec '!inkscape-figures edit "'.b:vimtex.root.'/figures/" > /dev/null 2>&1 &'<CR><CR>:redraw!<CR>

Now, to add a figure, type the title on a new line, and press Ctrl+F in insert mode. This does the following:

  1. Find the directory where figures should be saved depending on which file you're editing and where the main LaTeX file is located, using b:vimtex.root.
  2. Check if there exists a figure with the same name. If there exists one, do nothing; if not, go on.
  3. Copy the figure template to the directory containing the figures.
  4. In Vim: replace the current line – the line containing figure title – with the LaTeX code for including the figure.
  5. Open the newly created figure in Inkscape.
  6. Set up a file watcher such that whenever the figure is saved as an svg file by pressing Ctrl + S, it also gets saved as pdf+LaTeX.

To edit figures, press Ctrl+F in command mode, and a fuzzy search selection dialog will popup allowing you to select the figure you want to edit.

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