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Webmake middleware for express and connect

This module is a simple helper to make development with webmake straight-forward to set up. Webmake is a lightweight client-side dependency management tool that allows you to use node modules in the browser. You can read up on it here.

This module is a simple middleware for connect and its cousin express.

To install

npm install webmake-middleware


If you are already using express or connect for your app, simply configure your server to use the middleware. Since this middleware is currently only for use during development, make sure you put it into the development configuration of your express application! In the future, there is a good chance that it can be configured to be used for production as well so that it doesn't re-compile the scripts on each request and that the cache headers are configurable.

var connect = require('connect'); // this could also be express
var webmakeMiddleware = require('webmake-middleware');

// the `/build.js` url is the request url. `/path/to/main.js` is the path to the
// main entry point.
var server = connect().use(webmakeMiddleware({
  '/build.js': '/path/to/main.js'
  '/build2.js': '/path/to/main2.js'
// add other middleware as necessary



# in the webmake-middleware directory
npm install
npm test