Draw a straight line between any two points using only a DOM element, thus allowing CSS styles to be applied
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jQuery DOM Line

Draw a line between any two arbitrary points, using a simple DOM element.

Full documentation and examples available at http://gilmoreorless.github.io/jquery-dom-line/



$.line(fromPoint, toPoint[, options]);

fromPoint and toPoint are required objects with x and y numeric properties, relative to the top left of the page. options is an optional object, as listed below.

Return value is a jQuery object containing the element used for the line.


The options object passed to $.line is an object with the following available properties:

  • elem - jQuery selector of the element to use for the line, useful for re-using a single element for subsequent lines (default: empty - creates a new div)
  • className - CSS class added to the line div element (default: "jquery-line") - not used if elem option is provided
  • lineWidth - Thickness of the line in pixels (default: 1)
  • lineColor - CSS color of the line (default: black)
  • returnValues - If true, returns an object with the calculated dimensions for the line (see below), instead of a jQuery object (default: false)

Return Values

If the returnValues option is set to true, a plain object is returned with the following defined properties:

  • from - The fromPoint argument passed to the function
  • to - The toPoint argument passed to the function
  • center - The centre point of the line (and also the point of rotation) - contains x and y properties
  • rotation - The amount of rotation applied to the line - contains deg (degrees) and rad (radians) properties

Todo List

  • Add option to calculate CSS props without creating the line elem - can be used for animation positions